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What is it? SEO is all about achieving high rankings for websites in search engines (if you are ranking in Google you will be ranking in the others), for important search terms that you feel potential customers will use when searching the web for the particular services you offer. For example 1 term we feel our potential clients will search for is "costa blanca website designers". With this in mind we choose a name that uses these 4 words 

We also use these words in our title, headings and commonly throughout the main body of text. Google uses what are called algorithms (factors) to determine the usefulness of a site in any given search. The name, which is a simple example, is just 1 of over 200 algorithms used. As you can see SEO is actually separate from designing a website yet intrinsically connected to it but so many web designers are oblivious to any more than just the basics. Also SEO can be time consuming, repetitious and quite frankly a little boring so many designers just don't bother with it, whether for budget, laziness or the fact that you just won't notice. 

Learning and applying these rules is also complicated but because it is such an important factor in the performance of your website we include it as part of our web design package. We pay such close attention to SEO in our web design that it is second nature to us.

Another and very important algorithm is the amount of websites that link to you. Google likes the fact that other websites have considered you important enough to link to. With our many connections we can get you quality links to your site very quickly and easily and this will also serve to drive more traffic to your site. We stay within the Google's Quality Guidlines and don't use link farms or engage in any practice that may harm your web rankings. Stay away from sites promising you the heaven and earth, if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it.

We have obtained countless number 1 spots and top 10 rankings in Google for websites. Search engines account for over 73% of all web revenue traffic and maybe surprisingly social media only 5% and other sources 22%. This should be a wake up call for those investing only in social media or an over emphasis in time & resources.


Search Engine Optizmization & Website Traffic. Why without a website you are losing up to 75% of your business

Social Media

Does social media only account for 1% of all interent revenue?

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