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Does One Size Fit All?

Templates are pre-made layouts with a certain amount of graphics, fonts and menus already installed. The process of creating a site from a template is just a matter of adding in the text and choosing colours, which are also limited sometimes with only a choice between two.

The problems with templates are that your site will look similar to many others and won't have an individual look. Templates are rigid and so your site needs to be designed to fit the template often inhibiting you from implementing particular design aspects and functions and as previously said you are stuck to certain colours.

Templates have lower page loading times due to spurious coding and are not optimized for search engines so even after all the time spent configuring a template it still will not achieve high rankings in the search engines. Those that resort to templates most probably have little knowledge of good web design practices.

The fact that we don't use frames means we can design a site to your exact specifications and needs. Please feel free to contact us for further info and advice on all web design aspects.