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Designing Flash Websites

As web design programmes have developed and become less complicted the ability to offer flash websites has become more widely available. Although flash websites look good they still have certain important drawbacks. The problem with using flash in a website is that it is largely unreadable by the search engines. Basically flash is like a mini programme the runs on the web. The search engine can recognize it and display it but can't decipher any information from it as to what your site is about.

Search engine don't see what we see but read the code (html) that is used to create the website. The html tells the search engine everything from what colours are used to what the images are. Good SEO is about tweaking the coding and adding inforamtion for the search engines. A website without html will leave the search engines with very little to go on and so a website designed purely in flash will struggle in the search engines.

When we design a website we generally use a mixture of both flash and html. When we use flash we also try to write and alternative bit of html for the search engines. It is all about striking a balance. Flash may look good but there is not point have a great looking site if no one can fnd it in the search results.