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About Costa Blanca Website Designs

Web Design Made Easy

More and more businesses are seeking a presence on the web but are often put off by web design companies making it sound all too complicated and charging excessive prices or unfortunately the cheap option, friend of a friend, produces rather poor quality and ineffective websites.

As a consequence we decided to launch Costa Blanca Web Designers. Our aim is simple, to build affordable websites without compromising on quality and expel many of the myths and fallacies you would be led to believe about web design, search engines and so on. Websites need to be relatively simple and easy to navigate, remember not all your clients will be internet savy. Websites should also provide your potential customers with the information they require in a very clear and conside manner and in a very short space of time. Research shows that consumers spend on average less than 3 minutes on a website when browsing until they find what they want and will often exit a site if they don't find the information they require in less than two clicks. This site has been designed specifically with this in mind to provide you with all the information you require without any fuss.

You will have heard much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), flash, submitting your site to search engines and so much more. For those of you who just wish to know 'how much will it cost', 'what can we do' and 'when can we do it' then our website design price guide and website gallery will give you all the info you require. For those who want to know that little bit more follow the Current Topics links on the right if you would like some simple explanations to web design speak.

Why choose Costa Blanca Web Designers?

We will deliver not only an attractive site but get you ranked highly in Google We can accurately tell you where your site will rank!! (see our website design gallery). Many web designers know very little about how search engines work, which explains why they need to outsource and charge extra for optimization, but it's a bit like designing a house without the internal wiring. The most successful sites are designed from the beginning with SEO in mind. We are experienced in running our own businesses both shop front and web-based and from our numerous contacts in our core advertising business we can appreciate and meet your individual needs

Our Background

Costa Blanca Website Designers is part of Fabulous Advertising and we have been based in Benidorm for nearly 14 years. We are responsible for The Benidorm Map, Club-it Benidorm and The Dublin Map (Ireland) among others.

Having ran several successful businesses in Benidorm since 1997 and also in Dublin for more than 15 years and with over 25 years experience between us in design we are well placed to offer you the best advice on your website design. We will do no more or less for you than what we have done for ourselves.

I personally feel there is no one better placed than someone who has spent years developing and perfecting their own business and I look forward to every project with the same enthusiasm as my own.

Derek Watters